Saturday 23rd September 


Antboy Director: Ask Hasselbalch • Denmark • 2013

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12-year-old Pelle is bitten by an ant and develops super powers. Aided by comic-book nerd Wilhelm, Pelle creates a secret identity as super hero Antboy. When a super villain, The Flea, enters the scene, Antboy must step up to the challenge!


In addition to the screening of Antboy children from the Gorey School of Art, Summer School will have their stop motion animations screened on Saturday at 11.30am.

AND there’s free popcorn for the first 30 people through the door!


No Easy Walk to Freedom  Director: Nancy Nicol • India • 2014

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Told through the voices of lawyers, activists and community leaders, No Easy Walk to Freedom exposes human rights violations perpetrated under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalises homosexuality. The film also documents the growth of queer organising in India in the context of this historic legal battle to overturn a colonial-era law.

It is moving examination of the struggle to decriminalise homosexuality in contemporary India, told through the voices of HIV AIDS workers, queer activists, community leaders and legal experts. It is a history with far reaching implications for the struggle to remove these colonial era laws and to uphold lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender human rights worldwide. 

Post screening discussion including Ailbhe Smyth, Feminist Academic and LGBT activist.


Shot In The Dark  Director: Frank Amann • Germany • 2016

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A blind person is probably the least person you’d expect to be a photographer. SHOT IN THE DARK is an intimate portrait of three successful artists who have one thing in common: visual impairment as a starting point for their visual explorations. Watching SHOT IN THE DARK will introduce three extraordinary people. These blind artists insist on participating in the world of visuals. At the same time they question this world with their photographic work, in which nothing is taken for granted. This film poses fundamental questions about seeing and the imagination and enriches our understanding of perception and creation. We all close our eyes in sleep, the sighted and blind alike, and in our dreams – we see. Please note that this film with have an audio description suitable for people with visual impairment.

Post screening discussion with Director Frank Amann and filmmaker Laura Way.


Tongue Cutters  Director: Solveig Melkeraaen • Norway • 2017

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When the Atlantic cod heads for the Northern Norwegian coast to spawn, the children in the fishing village Myre sharpen their knives and get ready for work. Cod tongue cutting is a tradition spanning generations back, and kids as young as five take part in the process of producing this delicacy. With an almost frightening pace, their knives slice and cut, and a highlight of the season is the World Championship of cod tongue cutting.

Cod season is the backdrop of the story of Ylva (9) and Tobias (10). Ylva lives in Oslo and comes to visit her grandparents – and to learn cod tongue cutting. Tobias has worked on the docks since he was six and is already skilled with the knife. Now he is to tutor Ylva. We follow their friendship and get to see how children, when given the opportunity, take on responsibility for work, life and for each other.


Throwline  Director: Mia Mullarkey • Ireland • 2016

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A group of taxi drivers in Kilkenny, Ireland, join together to form a suicide prevention group called Taxi Watch. Uniquely positioned to patrol the night, the drivers keep vigil over the city’s streets and bridges and offer help to those who feel forlorn. In this short documentary we accompany the drivers at night and witness their world of rescues and revelations.


A New Economy  Director: Trevor Meier • Canada • 2016

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A New Economy is feature documentary about people making a fresh start towards building a new economy. Watch as several organizations move towards a more cooperative future by experimenting with open and non-traditional business models. By rewarding human effort fairly and proportionately instead of obsessing about the bottom line, these revolutionary businesses are creating a more people-friendly future, creating new ways to make money and make it sustainably.

Post screening discussion with John Power from the Kilmore Quay Fishermens Co-Op and a representative from Callan Camphill Community Coop Housing project Nimble Spaces.



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