Booking Tickets

All events are free. But to secure a place on a workshop or film please book HERE

  • To ensure your seat you can book at: Wexford Documentary Film Festival, on Register on the green register button and you can, if you like, print a ticket or put it on your phone. As long as your name is registered your seat will be secure.
  • Films are subject to change and addition.
  • Please check our website for up to date information.
  • All our film screenings are free, please be respectful of other people and only book tickets for films that you are sure you can attend. All tickets booked online will need to be collected at least 10 mins before start of film, tickets not collected on time will be given to people on waiting list. We have introduced this new policy as in previous years many people book tickets as they are free and don’t turn up, leaving many people disappointed as they were unable to get tickets. We hope this new arrangement will be of benefit to everyone attending the festival.


Enjoy a great week-end!–

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