WEN Hai 聞海

Director, Cinematographer & Editor. WEN Hai studied at the Beijing Film Academy and has since 2001 been active as an independent film director. Among his best known films are Floating Dust (2003), that got the Prix Georges Beauregard at the 16th Festival International du Documentaire in Marseille in 2005, Dream Walking (2005), and the film We (Women) that won the Horizons Special Mention award at the 2008 Venice International Film Festival. WEN Hai also worked as a camera man on WANG Bing’s film Three Sisters (2012). His 2016 book放逐的凝视——见证中国独立纪录片 [The Gaze of Exile: Witnessing Chinese Independent Documentary Films] is published in Taipei by the Tendency.

WEN Hai’s Filmography

  • In the Military Training Camp (2002, 71′)
  • Floating Dust (2003, 111′)
  • Dream Walking (2005, 85′)
  • We (2008, 158′)
  • Reconstructing Faith (2010, 78’)
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