Another News Story

Sat 23rd Sept 11:40am

Another News Story 

Director: Orban Wallace

 UK 2017 90 mins

Debuting director Orban Wallace’s feature-length work engages the European refugee crisis, but the young British director turns the camera lens in a direction rather different from the rest of the documentary scene investigating recent events. He trains his penetrating gaze on the journalists sent by their employers to the Mediterranean to cover the unfolding humanitarian tragedy. By juxtaposing the stories of reporters and the experiences of Middle East emigrants, he has fostered a new meta-reading of media content. In today’s chaotic era, what is the “who, how, and why” of news spewed forth on world conflicts and crises? “Sometimes you feel you’re making a noise, but not helping really,” laments Lorenzo over the sensationalized treatment of human misfortune; he’s one of those who, in the months-long hunt for fresh information, accepts a nomadic lifestyle. When faced with immeasurable suffering, is it possible to maintain your humanistic sensitivity, or, glazed, do you just go after another news story?

Post screening discussion with director Orban Wallace, Vukasin Nedeljkovic, Artist, Activist in the campaign to end the Direct Provision system in Ireland and creator of The Asylum Archives and Dr Harry Browne, Senior Lecturer, School of Media Dublin Institute of Technology, author of the book The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power) and Irish Times Journalist.


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