3 minute Film Challenge

Sat 23rd Sept 11:40am

3 minute Film Challenge

22 of the best short films selected from over 3,000 films submitted to the festival by filmmakers from over 40 countries.

1.Mexican Embroideries – Camila García (Colombia)

2.What It Feels Like – Steven Fraser (UK)

3.The War – Jaime Ekkens (US)

4.All Apologies – Roisin O’ Mahony (Ireland)

5.Protect the animals – Donghai Su (China)

6.Wasted World – Jamillah van der Hulst (Netherlands)

7.London’s Dig It Sound System – Jamie Lowe (UK)

8.Daddy Issues – Fia Karma Wren (Ireland)

9.Threat Count – Tao of Bobo – Daniel Appleby (US)

10.Lola why so lonely – Catalina Zuloaga (Chile)

11.Franca – Antonella Barbera/Patrizia Fazzi (Italy)

12.I Don’t Know – Vivek Jain/Kirti Pherwani (India)

13.At First Sight – Arshia Zeinali (Iran)

14.The Journey – Angie Young Angela Sanina & Una Murphy (Ireland)

15. Untitled – Zachary Jonathan Ntim (UK)

16. The Fools – Dominic Palmer (Ireland)

17.Periods and Other Lady Bits – Katrina Nilles (US)

18.Dead – Declan Cody (Ireland)

19.Different – Tom Fisher (UK)

20.Unnecessary Illusions – David Monaghan (Ireland)

21.Computer Virus Cure – Bill Cox (US)

22. On Life’s Shore – Can Yalman (Turkey)

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