Marie-Madeline A Female Chief

Sat 23rd Sept 11:40am

Marie-Madeline A Female Chief

Director Florence Ayisi

Cameroon 2018•70 mins Subtitles

In a break with tradition, a woman is enthroned as chief in a small village in Cameroon. This documentary presents a rare glimpse into a community in transition; men speak candidly about the importance of women in development – “women are doing more to encourage development than men. I believe a female chief will bring new things.”Even though villagers consider Marie-Madeleine a ‘stranger’ because she lives and works in the capital city of Yaoundé, she is determined to learn about her culture and integrate into village life. As she beats the traditional drum on her enthronement day, the gentle sounds signal a break with tradition – It is the dawn of a new era. Villagers are hopeful that she will bring much needed development to the village.

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