Tongue Cutters

Sat 23rd Sept 11:40am

Tongue Cutters

Director: Solveig Melkeraaen

Norway 2017

When the Atlantic cod heads for the Northern Norwegian coast to spawn, the children in the fishing village Myre sharpen their knives and get ready for work. Cod tongue cutting is a tradition spanning generations back, and kids as young as five take part in the process of producing this delicacy. With an almost frightening pace, their knives slice and cut, and a highlight of the season is the World Championship of cod tongue cutting.

Cod season is the backdrop of the story of Ylva (9) and Tobias (10). Ylva lives in Oslo and comes to visit her grandparents – and to learn cod tongue cutting. Tobias has worked on the docks since he was six and is already skilled with the knife. Now he is to tutor Ylva. We follow their friendship and get to see how children, when given the opportunity, take on responsibility for work, life and for each other.


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