Who Is Drag

A short film from the UK.

Who Is Drag

 Jen Davison

United Kingdom

‘Who Is Drag’ is about what Drag means to those that do it. It’s about the community, diversity, and freedom that is found within Drag. A short poetic documentary about Drag and Drag performers. Made entirely during lockdown and self-isolation, but focused on what brings us together. Director Biography -Jen Davison I’m a trans woman from Northern Ireland. I knew I was trans before I knew that being trans is something that exists. I had immense difficulty articulating this to those around me. Not having the ability to communicate my feelings to the world around me is a horribly isolating experience.I think it’s because of this fact that I was drawn to filmmaking. I can sympathize with the feeling of not being heard. I want to be able to give lesser represented groups the voice and the platform they deserve.

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