Guest Speakers 2017

Ailbhe Smyth

Ailbhe Smyth

Irish academic, feminist socialist and lesbian activist. She was a founding director of the Women’s Education, Resource and Research Centre (WERRC), University College Dublin (UCD). Ailbhe Smyth began her involvement in activism in the 1970s whilst a student as part of the women’s liberation movement. She was the head of Women’s Studies in UCD from 1990 to 2006, and now works independently. Smyth is a spokeswoman and convener for the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment.


Annette Mooney

Teacher activist and member of The Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland. The ASTI union has led the campaign for equal pay despite a brutal right-wing Government’s abuse of power in using FEMPI to withhold increments and other elements of pay and conditions in order to coerce members into backing down. Members had the courage to face down the Government for completely honorable reasons – equal pay for equal work.